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This post is a bit of a long read but it has lots of good information regarding the services I am telling you about.

Ok so here we go, no none of these are get rich quick schemes. I will start out there, I do not dabble in such things and think they are waste of time and money.

The following sites however as long as you complete the tasks or jobs they give you, yes you will get paid. Some quite instantly.

First lets start with one of my absolute favorites. – Clicking the image will get you videos that pay you RIGHT NOW.

JingIt  is a site where you occasionally get ads to watch or a survey to take but the real fun in it is the engagement they get with the viewers. They are in a state of revamping the service but soon you will get what they call a PageCurl on ads on website and if you click the ad and interact with it you get paid.
Next they have what they call Check-Ins, this requires a Smart Phone and data service as you have to do this in stores. Currently that is Wal-Mart, you get in Wal-mart, open up the app and see what items it wants to you to scan and get paid. I usually leave with $3 – $5.50 a visit. You are allowed to earn up to $10 per week to start but as you refer friends you can get it up to $15 per week. They give you a Visa Debit Card so you can spend your money as soon as you earn it. They charge you $2 from your beginning earnings to get your card but after that it is all yours. This service is even available to kids as young as 13. If you are over 18 though they actually give you a bank acct number that goes with your account so you can direct deposit other money to the account. The Bank Account and Debit Card are backed by U.S. Bank  SIGN UP

Next we have a Mobile Check-In service called WeReward, WeReward is much like FourSquare and you can even link it with your FourSquare so you only need to check in once. This is a great service if you eat out alot and are not self conscious of taking a picture of yourself with your food and the restaurant logo showing 🙂  They reward you with points for the tasks they give you to do that you can cash out for real money in your Paypal account. They have a low Cash Out requirement of $10.  SIGN UP

Here is another site I LOVE and visit daily. SuperPoints You visit daily and spin the SuperLucky Button and earn points, also as you invite friends you are allowed more spins a day. Once you hit 5 friends who have all gotten themselves to a Basic Account level (Fully filled out Profile) you will be up to 100 spins a day. You can also earn more points by signing up for offers or watching some videos they will give you occasionally. This also is a case where you can cash out your points for Cash on Paypal or Gift Cards or even save up for top of the line popular electronics. I am currently saving up for a Kindle. Back before Black Friday I saved up my points and cashed out at $25 and used the cash towards my Black Friday shopping. It was nice because this was not money from my pocket. Please make sure you confirm your email and fill your profile out fully and get your account to Basic, otherwise it doesn’t help either of us. SIGN UP

Calyp is a site that links to all your social networking sites and lets you talk about your favorite brands and get paid. On any given day they have 140 different brands you can choose to post about. This also is a service that will send you a debit card to spend what you have earned. I have not gotten to the point where they send you the card yet but I am getting close. The ads they offer are always very classy and modern looking and certainly draw attention. Be a Brand Advocate, don’t just Endorse the Brand. SIGN UP

Clover is a payment processing service that you use directly with your iOS or Android device. They give you $5 just for signing up which you can turn right around and withdraw IMMEDIATELY in the way of an Amazon Gift Card. They also will pay you $5 for every friend you have join. Up to 17 friends. Yep that adds up to some nice cash there. SIGN UP

Endorse is a service that pays you back for the brands you endorse and purchase and stores that you shop at. They currently are in a sign up lock down while they transition to 2.0 but it is coming soon. When the service was up and running, every 2 weeks you would mail your receipts to them in mailers they provided you with and they would process them and like 30 days later they would cut you check for what you had earned. Most brands pay 10% and stores are 2%. I currently am waiting for my final money to be released, I have a $23 balance waiting and 2 mailers still waiting to get processed, this is gonna be a nice check.

Amazon Turks This is a service where people can post a job they want someone to do for them, its usually a simple task like find the address for a company, or verify details of a given product. The tasks usually pay anywhere from $0.01 to as high as $1.00 if you can translate to other languages. Even though the pay per task is pretty low, it all adds up in the end. They create you an Amazon Payments account which is some what similar to Paypal but through Amazon and you balance can be spent on Amazon of course or you can transfer the money to a bank account.

If you have ANY questions about the services I’ve listed here feel free to ask and I will help you the best I can. I will update this list as I find more services. I also will eventually make this a page on the site instead of a blog post so that it is always available.

Squeal ya Later,

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