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 I was provided with a Motorola Photon Q for free as compensation for this review post. All opinions are my own.

Scratch Wireless


Scratch Wireless is a fairly new service, and they have a unique way of offering you wireless service. They operate on Sprint towers so you know you will have coverage basically everywhere. Here is the twist on their service.

NO BILL!! NO CONTRACT!! NO COST unless you choose to have a cost!!

I know your saying Carol your crazy, of course I will have to pay for the service. NOPE they offer FREE Unlimited Talk on Wi-Fi, FREE Unlimited Data on Wi-Fi & FREE Unlimited Texting EVERYWHERE, whether you are on Wi-Fi or not you will ALWAYS have free text messaging.

The phone itself costs $269.00 or $99.00 if you participate in their promotion to film yourself cutting up your cellphone bill

It is the Motorola Photon Q

Dual cameras, with front-facing HD web cam plus a high-quality 8 MP camera with 1080p video capture on back.

4.3-inch display size with ColorBoost™ (540×960 pixels) TFT LCD.

Android Jellybean OS
Tackle your busy schedule with Android 4.1, Jelly Bean. Google Now gives you real-time reminders without you even having to ask.

4G LTE is a fancy way of saying the data connection is really fast, offering connection speeds of up to 25 Mbps.

Speech to Text
Don’t feel like typing? Google has you covered with amazing speech recognition technology built right into Android.

Built in Slideout Keyboard
Not in the mood to talk? The slide-out keyboard is perfect for the texting addicts out there.

All other Specs can be seen on the site

Ok Carol this all sounds great, but you mentioned costs that I might choose to have, whats that about??

Scratch Wireless understands that you can not ALWAYS be by a Wi-Fi connection. For those times you are not you can purchase Voice Passes and Data Passes for either 1 Day or 30 Days.

They offer for 1 Days Passes – These expire 24 hrs after purchase, use it or lose it.
$1.99 Voice Pass gives you 30 mins of Talk
$1.99 Data Pass gives you 25 MB of Data

The 30 Day passes are exactly that, you have 30 days to use it or lose it.
$14.99 Voice Pass gives you 250 mins of Talk
$14.99 Data Pass gives you 200 MB of Data

All passes can be purchased as often as you need. So say you buy the 30 Day pass but run out of mins but don’t want to spend another $14.99 switch to buying day passes. You can access the screen to purchase these passes very easily from the phone or the website if you get a phone for your kids but want to be able to give them mins while they are on the move.

SEE the cost is not scary at all is it!!

I have given our Motorola Photon Q to my son to use, he is 11 so there is no way in the world I would want to have a cell phone bill for him, however he is doing Virtual School this year and his teachers need to have a way to keep in touch with him for discussion based assessments, and monthly calls. Since my Mom and myself are swapping off days as to who works with him through the day asking the teachers to call us might get confusing. So giving them a phone that will always be with him was a great option.

When your phone arrives it has a number they issue ours was in Massachusetts, and it will NOT be local to in most cases. You can either port a number you have already if your wanting to switch or in our case you can go on Google Voice and get a FREE local number, you get to even pick the number you want. They offer you to try for a number with a word in it, we funny enough were able to get our son his number with his name in it so he thinks that is pretty cool.

Once you have your Google Voice phone number for $3 that you pay to Google you can have it Unlocked to allow it to be ported away.

For us it was about a 10 – 14 day process of waiting for the number to port over and in that time you just have to use the number the phone came with.


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