Can I Freeze It??

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Here is a list of items that can and can not be frozen to help you decide which items you want to stockpile for a later date without a bad result later.

When you freeze food the moisture in the food freezes, food items that are high in water content such as leafy vegetables will tend to become limp when thawed as the moisture leaves it.


Foods That Freeze Well

Meat, Poultry and Fish – Raw Meat is better for long storage, cooked meat can freeze for short periods of time.

Breads and baked goods such as cakes, pies, muffins, bagels, quick and yeast breads both as dough/batter or baked, cookies raw or baked and pizza crusts raw or baked

Butter and margarine

Beans – Buy dry, soak and cook yourself then store

Cooked Rice


These Foods will Freeze but Texture changes

Fruits and Veggies – Usually Soften after thawing – Cook after being frozen not before

Potatoes – Cook before freezing to keep proper color

Pastas – Cook 3/4 of the usual time before freezing. If you freeze in the sauce it will absorb the flavors

Milk and dairy products – May separate, cheese will get crumbly

Herbs – Good for cooking but not Garnishments after freezing

Raw eggs – Remove from shell and Mix with Salt or Sugar to prevent them from becoming rubbery

Cooked eggs – Scrambled does fine, Hard Boiled will become rubbery

Fried foods – Get soft but can be restored in the oven

Salty fatty Foods – Bacon, Sausage, Ham, Hot Dogs, some lunch meats and some fish do not last long in the freezer.
The USDA only recommends freezing these items for 1-2 months. The salt causes fat to go rancid in the freezer.
Many people freeze these items longer so use your best judgment. If it looks or smells ‘off’ toss it.


Foods that should not be frozen or do not freeze well

Vegetables – Leafy types, celery, cucumber, radishes or cucumbers



Meringue toppings

Custards and cream puddings


Egg white based icing or frosting

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