Walgreens for Beginners

Walgreens for Beginners

Here are some Terms you need to know that are used in all posts in regards to Walgreens

RR: Register Rewards – These are coupons that print out of the Catalina Machine at the end of your qualifying Transaction, they may be used like Cash on future purchases. You may feel free to split your transaction up and use it right then if you wish which is called Rolling. However never use a RR to roll into the same deal or you will not get your RR again. (ex. Buy a Kelloggs products, get $2 RR, do not roll those $2 into another deal with Kelloggs. You want to find another RR deal to keep swapping with)

BR : Balance Rewards – This is a fairly new program with Walgreens that started last year. You will see deals mentioned that you get so many points of your purchase.
When you reach 5000 points you may use them and take $5 off your purchase. However if you save them up they start to increase in value.
In order not to lose your accumulated points, you must make at least 1 purchase every 60 days.

1000 = $1.00
2000 = $2.00
3000 = $3.00
5000 = $5.00
10000 = $10.00
18000 = $20.00
30000 = $35.00
40000 = $50.00

Balance Rewards TIP: Never purchase a deal that is a Balance Rewards deal with your points!! The new purchase will not issue points if you do this!!

IVC: Instant Value Coupon – These are coupons in a booklet you will find that they put out each month. It is a thin tall booklet. Best to grab one when they come out and hold on to it through the month.

WAGS TIP: Also a good thing to know, Walgreens coupons DO NOT need to be clipped. All you need to do is show the coupon, the cashier will scan it and the system will take it off for however many times it should for what you are buying.


If you have a deal where it will result in an overage when combining a Manufacturer Coupon and Store Coupon, the only way you can make this work where the overage will apply to the rest of your cart is to present the Manufacturer Coupon first, otherwise the register will beep and not allow the full value of the coupon. However with Store Coupons they will not beep and apply to the rest of your cart. You must have other items though to use that overage.


If your store is out of a hot item, make sure you ask for a Rain Check! Walgreens Rain Checks expire after 30 days!! I am super sorry this had misinformation  for a few weeks stating they never expire. I have found out different.