Coupon Inserts Delivered WEEKLY

Imagine your Coupon Inserts Delivered WEEKLY

And you don’t even have to think about it!!

How many times have your papers been delivered with NO INSERTS, or how many times have you gone to the store and bought your papers only to realize you are missing inserts.

You have heard me talk about Insert Insanity before, and right now they have opened up their Auto Bill option. This is a RARE Opportunity!!

Insert Insanity Brings you the Great Inserts from Tampa, FL!! They get the best coupons!!

They will bill you weekly for the amount of inserts for the coming week. If there are no inserts you WILL NOT be billed.

It is only $1.40 per set + shipping

A Set of Inserts is the inserts in each Paper.

Ex. This week 07/28 will have 5 inserts you would still be charged $1.40 per set

Next week 08/04 will have 3 inserts and you will still be charged $1.40 per set

The reason why the price does not change, the cost of each paper these come from does not change.
So whether there is 1 insert or 5 your cost for each set is $1.40

Auto Bill is cheaper than ordering week to week if you always get the same amount of sets. I like to have 4 sets of inserts every week.
If my quantity changes it irks me cause then I do not know what to expect when I go into my inserts.
So if I ordered 4 sets each week it will be $11.35 a week if you were to order weekly off of Auto Bill it would be $12.91. SEE a $1.56 SAVINGS!!

Auto Bill for this coming Sunday 07/28 is closed, however if you want to get yourself set up for 08/04
Fill out the below form and PLEASE be sure to choose OOingle from the Referred By Drop down so they can keep track of
whos subscribers are whos 😀 THANKS