Where to get Coupons


I know this might seem obvious but often times over looked as the number one source of coupons. There is often deals you can get in on to get your local newspaper cheaper if you are buying multiple copies, and BELIEVE ME, if you want to get your stockpile going you will need to get multiples.

I often run deals for the Orlando Sentinel which does get delivered here in Polk Co in certain areas. There is also ways of getting deals on the Ledger and if you live far enough west you can even get deals on the Tampa Tribune or Tampa Bay Times.

I personally just go to the grocery store every Sunday morning and grab 4 papers, that way I can verify I get all my inserts before leaving and don’t have to feel all pissed later on when I realize that the delivered copies were shorted inserts.



These you will see me post about all the time. There are 4 main coupon networks to print coupons through. coupons.com, SmartSource, RedPlum & Coupon Network (Catalina) Often times the coupons that show up on these networks might be higher value coupons than we get in the newspapers. They are able to do this though by only offering so many prints of the coupon at that value. Which means when there is a coupon posted as a hot coupon you have to move quick to get your prints before they are gone.

In most cases you are allowed 2 prints of each coupon, per computer. All 4 networks have you install software that controls and limits the printing so you most likely will not be able to print coupons through public computers unless an administrator has installed the coupon printing software.

Coupons.com also offers a Savings Club where you are offered even higher value coupons for being a member. Its typically $30 a year to be a member but sometimes there is offers to sign up for 1 year for free and I will be sure to point those times out.



You have seen them before in the stores, on products, on the shelves. They are truly everywhere in the store if you just look for them. There are several types of coupons you will find in the store. When I find these I typically grab 4 of them, that way I am leaving enough for others but have enough to match my usual quantity I have of any coupon.

  • Blinkies – Those little black boxes attached to the shelf with the blinking light, always worth pulling a few and taking them home. You never know when a sale might match up to them.
  • Peelies – Those ones attached to the product, placed there by the distributor. Often times they will place them there when the item is not on sale. Its usually pretty safe to peel a few and keep them on hand for a sale, just a few rules to that though. Don’t be greedy, leave some for others. And DO NOT deface the product trying to peel it off. If you see you can not safely peel it off, just leave it.
  • Shelf Tags – These are usually the pad of coupons left by a new product, again usually safe to take yourself a few, but leave some for others.
  • Hang Tags – Usually found on bottles and jars hung around the neck of the product.



Publix is one store that is great for offering tons of coupons to use, usually in tune with sales. You will find their different flyers of coupons usually up front on a spinning display. However if you live in a area with alot of couponers that wipe that out, you will find that your customer service distributes them instead to make sure there is plenty for everyone.

They have their typical 2 flyers, you will see me mention them as the Green Flyer and the Yellow Flyer, these usually run in 3 weeks cycles Sat  – Fri. The Green Flyer is their Health and Beauty sales items and coupons, usually with plenty of vitamin, medicines, hair care and body wash coupons. The Yellow Flyer is the grocery sales and coupons.

They also have booklets that come out through out the year with special prices on items and coupons, these are sometimes very hard to find depending on where you live and some stores get them much later than others so its just a matter of keep checking when you start seeing one mentioned.

Target is another store that is great for offering coupons, they offer them on their website to print. Most of the coupons offered are Target coupons however some are manufacturer coupons, if you are specifically wanting a Target coupon, there is an easy way to tell which is which just by the wording on the site. If it says “When you buy or With the purchase of” those are Manufacturer coupons, If it just mentions the product then it is a Target coupon.
Target also puts some coupons in their weekly sales flyer.


I will add to this as I come up with other places to find coupons.