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Cordskinz Review

Have you ever crammed your ear bud headphones into your pocket or purse and when you go to pull them out the are a knotted up mess? It just ...
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Hot Find – Headphones ~ Only $1.98 – $2.02

Do you have a kid that inherently breaks every flipping pair of headphones you let them use? I know I do LOL my 11 yr old son can ruin a set of ...
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Girl Geek-Out – Refurbished Electronics – Great Deal or Steer Clear?

As someone that is always looking for a deal, I can not stand to pay FULL PRICE - That is like a dirty word around my house!! However both my ...
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Girl Geek-Out – SD Card Deals – Is It Really a Good Deal??

I am starting a new section on OOingle called Girl Geek-Out - Along with being a Couponer/Deal Seeker, Blogger, & Photographer. I am also very ...
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