SweetBay gave us a surprise this week!!

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Well I’m seeing buzz from WizClipz that Sweetbay gave us a new type of coupon this week. Very similar to the Publix $2 off $2.
It is a Sweetbay $2 off $2 My Essentials. Well My Essentials is Sweetbays Store Brand, so you can in fact still take this coupon to Publix if you so wish and use it to buy $2 of Publix Brand products, as Publix accepts competitor coupons for their Private Label. See the Publix Coupon Policy Q & A

Q: Will Publix accept a competitor’s coupon for a private label item?

A: Yes. We’re happy to accept a coupon for a competitor’s private label product because it’s a chance to introduce you to our terrific Publix brand.

You can pick up a 10 pack of these over at WizClipz for $1.50 and while your visiting remember you can pick up a 10 pack of the Publix $2 off $2 Produce coupons for this week also.

This is gonna be a HOT WEEK!!

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