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Click Here!I know I have tooted my horn about this before, but tonight just gave me a huge reassurance as to why I love this service that UPS offers.

We had to send my son’s laptop into Dell for some warranty work, which if anyone has ever had to do that, it is a long process of them getting it then getting the work done and it getting back out the door to you. Well I had been informed by Dell on Friday that we would receive his laptop back today, no heads up as to what service would deliver it, although I assumed Fedex because that was who I had to use to get send it to them.

When my son got home shortly after 2 today he was greeted with a door tag saying we had missed the delivery, and by a mere 30 mins at that. So now this led to a call to FedEx telling me I could go to the depot at 6:30 right before they closed and wait for the driver to return with the package or have it redelivered tomorrow and hope they would try a later time. No option of saying try and redeliver after 2 pm or anything.
So my hubby and I went and waited at the depot for 40 mins for the driver to show up. Just so we did not get caught in a delivery loop and maybe not get his laptop back.

Had Dell used UPS instead my story would have been SO MUCH DIFFERENT!!! I would have gotten a notice in my email the day before telling me that I would be getting this package, and I could actually login to my UPS My Choice account and change delivery options before the attempt even.

For a small cost of around $5 I could of requested the package be redirected to my job and avoid the hassle of it even going to my house. Or even adjust the delivery time so it would arrive when someone was actually home.

A similar story from this weekend, a blogger friend of mine had ordered a TV online and realized that FedEx was going to attempt to deliver it to her this past Friday at her job, which was closed for the day. When she first mentioned it there were several of us that immediately asked if it was UPS and to make use of UPS My Choice to redirect it, but then she tells us that no it is FedEx and they would not do anything before attempting first. So she had to go and sit at her job, on her day off just to intercept her package and not have it in delivery limbo all weekend.

So as you can see this is a great service to have handy when you are getting all your holiday packages, especially now that you just did all your Cyber Monday shopping. So Sign up and enjoy your daily Delivery Notices that keep you up to date of when and where your deliveries are.

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