The Importance of Proper Use of Coupons

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As a coupon blogger the first thing I believe is my duty when telling you guys about deals is how to do a deal ethically. You will only see deals posted here that have been researched and fully believed to me and anyone I associate with to be a great match.
Sometimes there are deals that pop up and we are left wondering if they truly are legit. One step I always take if there is any questions is visit the site for the product listed. Very often this will answer any question on if the coupon can be used on the product.

There is currently a very good example, that some bloggers have choose to post as a match, it however is nothing but far from the truth.

If you have read that the $2.50/1 Rachael Ray Premium Food for Dogs was a match to the Small tubs of Wet Food, this is nothing but inaccurate information and blatant misuse of the coupon.

I contacted the Ainsworth Pet Nutrition for clarification that it was in fact not a match and here is their response.

“Thanks for reaching out to us to confirm the validity of using our $2.50 off Nutrish Super Premium Food for Dogs Dry offer on the Naturally Delish Wet tubs.  This particular coupon was built to be used only on the dry food and  the savings will not register if not used in conjunction with a Nutrish Dry food item.  We understand the confusion  and we appreciate you reaching out to confirm before posting on your website.”

This is not anything left open to discussion, if the register takes it, still DOES NOT mean it is OK, you have it right there from the company who reimburses for the coupon that it is not a match.

So please, DO NOT try this deal. I will add there was a BOGO printable out that recently that was in fact a great match for the wet food so check your binders.
Or if you in fact want to try the product for your Pooches head on over the Rachael Ray website and request a $1.00/2 coupon from the company.

Just please do not intentionally misuse the $2.50 coupon as it is ONLY meant for the BAGS of food.

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