Easy Earn $20 Over & Over ~ No Money out of your Pocket EVER!!

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ZNZOneI have been a member of ZNZ One for a while but never got around to telling you guys about it, but I have friends who have done great with it, earning some easy extra income easy.

I am going to explain clearly what you have to do to get started and not spend a cent of your own money to get started!! Thats right YOU DO NOT spend anything!!

The whole point of their name is that you only have to complete ONE offer to get started. And the one offer that is the best to sign up for is FREE!!

When you go over you will be presented with how you want to be rewarded. I would suggest Paypal as it is the fastest option. 


Next you will be shown offers to complete, you only have to complete ONE, EVER!! After that for every referral you earn $20!!

Now that ONE offer I told you about that is Free




Now a few things they stipulate, you must sign up with a Credit Card, not a prepaid card or gift card. You must remain a member for a minimum of 5 days!! Your Free Trial is 7 days.

If you cancel before your 5 days they will take the credit for the offer away, so make sure you stay a member for 5 days.

When you are ready to cancel CALL their Customer Service at (877) 300-2506
If they are persistent just keep saying no thank you and that you want to cancel
if you in fact like what they offer it is $17.99 a month for the service.

SIMPLE AS THAT!! After you have that Instant Credit for your Offer Share your link with others and Earn $20 Over & Over!!

Here is a screen shot of my friends Paypal account with some of her Earnings!!

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