Save on Pre-Christmas Travel Car Repairs!! BIG SAVINGS

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So as of right now we are all basically 3 weeks from hitting the road for Christmas Travel. You probably already know what your taking and planning how to fit it all in your car. But have given your car any thought of what maintenance needs to be done before you hit the road?

Depending on the type of oil change you last had you should change it between 3000 – 7000 miles. Do you know that oil changes are typically pretty easy to do on your own and at a huge savings.

Also when was the last time you checked your brakes?  Brake pads come with indicators on them so if you have been hearing squealing when you hit the brakes its a safe bet you should check to see how much pad you have left. Typically you need to change at least your front brakes every 30,000 miles, but if you have a caliper that is not squeezing evenly it might need to more often. Also some cars eat their brakes a lot faster. On those models it is best to buy a higher end quality brake pads to extend the life.

While you are checking fluids, make sure your Brake Fluid is where it should be as well your washer fluid, Transmission and Coolant.

Now for the Savings

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Take care of your car now so it can take care of you on the road so you get to your destination safe and sound!! That is all we all want anytime we hit the road is to have it drama free. Plan now for a safe trip!!

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