Sad Tragedy

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We all know the horrible tragedy that happened in Newtown, CT I’ve spent the weekend for the most part off of social media and away from the news, spent time with my family and hugged my kids a lot. My 9 yr old has asked lots of questions of which I really was not sure how to answer. My 17 yr old just mad that this is the sick things he has to worry about becoming an adult. Mad that someone could even bring themselves to do something so terrible.

For the most part we have focused on them to let them know how much they are loved. I’m not sure what else to offer to their minds, my 9 yr old seems a bit leery about school tomorrow, he was unsettled going to bed as he was watching TV with us when the president came on, which of course brought it all fresh in his mind again.

I talked to him about if his school has talked to them about what to do incase an intruder gets in their school and he told me they have been told to get out of the school and run. Their school is an open campus style with separate buildings for each grade so I can understand this mentality. I just hope they have a plan on keeping the kids together sigh. At the same time I am glad to know that the school does have a plan for that type of situation. I know when I was growing up this was not something discussed, we had a plan of action for fire and tornados, but not intruders, at least not something the students had drilled into their heads. We even had bomb threat preparedness because of idiots that liked to call them in.

Another thing on our minds is our 9 yr old, he is picked on in school a lot and the school this year has introduced him to the bully forms, in the past 2 weeks he has had 2 kids suspended for what they have done to him. He is a very emotional child and takes everything and anything that happens to him to heart. He also handles situations very loudly and verbally and overall does not fully grasp how to act socially and of course the other kids see this. How do you make sure a child like this does not grow up to do something so terrible. They always point out these people that do these horrible things were the kid that gets picked on.

I’m very glad the school is taking his complaints serious and validating what bothers him, and I’m sure in the long run that helps him out with knowing something is actually being done about it. I just wish it would stop. He will be going to a new school for 5th grade and I hope so very much having new kids around him that don’t know his past, maybe will help. Sometimes as a kid your past can hurt you a lot, I know that was the case for me.

How are you handling this news with your kids and how are they reacting to it?

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