Shopkick is a program that lets you earn points while you shop for tasks as simple as walking into stores in the mall or even regular retail outlets. You also earn points when you make purchases at these participating stores just by linking your card you use to your account. You also can earn points by scanning products while in the store as directed by the app.

In all Shopkick gives you a new experience with shopping and the points you earn you can redeem for Gift Cards for many stores.

The app also lets you know when there are special sales going on, even sometimes gives you coupons to use exclusive to being a shopkicker.

As a Special Bonus of Joining through OOingle when you signup you will earn a 50 bonus kick points

Here are some screenshots I took from within my acct to give you an idea of how easy it is.

All of them will enlarge when you click on them.

 Some points can be earned without being in the stores. If you live close enough to participating stores they will come up in your app while your at home.

As you tap on stores a sorts of look books will show up, if a look book has a blue star in the corner there is a surprise in that look book.

With the newest update to the app, you now get notifications of new bonus surprises.

You can earn usually just 1 kick but sometimes there are bonus surprises which will give you either 5 points or a piece to collect to get 5 points.

You always need to go through once a week and unlock any stores you think you might walk-in so your walk-in kicks are unlocked and ready for you.

Always make sure you have the Shopkick app open when entering participating stores that offer walk-in kicks.

The sensor is at the front door and will not trigger if you are farther in the store.

There are many gift cards you can save your kicks up for. I usually cash out at 1250 for a $5 Target Gift card


Participating Stores