I am so mad at myself!! I left $80 on the table GRRR

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So a couple weeks ago I was comparing our cellphone plan with Walmart Family Mobile (powered by T-Mobile) to T-Mobile directly, for a 4 line family plan with T-Mobile it was a way better option for us.

Also if your wondering, I researched the other services and T-Mobile was by far the cheapest option for a normal cellphone plan.

We were paying $142 a month with taxes for 3 lines and my Mom was paying $56 a month for 1 line, then T-Mobile started offering this deal for 4 lines for $100, each line get 2.5 GB high speed data monthly thorough 1/6/16 then the High speed data drops to 1 GB, however they do not charge overage fees and do not cut you off, they just throttle your speeds till the end of your billing cycle.

So we switched, it comes out to $128 after taxes for the 4 lines. SO a $70 savings for all of us WOOT WOOT. I did have to pay a deposit totaling 1 month of service because I am still building my credit back up.

So ok great I have saved us $70 a month, what am I mad about you ask?  If I had gone through Top CashBack they would of PAID ME $80 back for activating service.

We didn’t need to buy any phones, we all have decent phones that already work with T-Mobile, I only had to get us SIM cards. Man that just irks the crud out of me that it could of been a better deal and I didn’t even give it a thought LOL.

SOOO if you do not want to make the same mistake I did but are considering changing carriers to save on cellular visit Top CashBack and search your carrier and start shopping through them.

Current Offers

T-Mobile – $80 cash back for activation

AT&T – $100 cash back when you sign up for AT&T NEXT

Verizon – $90 cash back when you sign a 2 yr agreement 

Sprint – $75 cash back for new customers

There are plenty of other offers for other carriers, I’m just highlighting the main 4.

So learn from my crazy mistake and don’t leave this free money on the table if you change services!!


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