Fun Lunches

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How many fun ways can you think to make a fun lunch for your kiddos? My youngest is homeschooled this year but putting together a lunch for him sometimes helps with him wanting to snack on everything.

My biggest issue is making sure anything I put together for him does not have High Fructose Corn Syrup. SO we have here a PB&J Sandwich, some grapes, strawberries & an apple. A fruit pouch, 3 Babybel Cheeses and finally an Organic Lollypop lol.

Thats right folks all those tasty goodies are HFCS free.

The PB&J has Bread with no HFCS, Jelly with no HFCS and all natural peanut butter

Grapes, Strawberries and apple are self explainatory LOL

The Go Go Squeeze Fruit pouch is all natural fruits with no added sugars or HFCS

Mini Babybel cheeses are 100% natural cheese with the rich and creamy taste making it the perfect choice for lunchtime for the whole family.  Each serving of Mini Babybel® delivers 5 grams of protein, plus 15% of your daily calcium needs– all for 70 calories or less!

And that organic Lollypop was an exciting find from Valentines clearance at Walgreens. It has all organic ingredients and no artificial colors!!

So even with my son at home doing his school work, on the days I can not be here and my Mom is here with him I know he will have a set items he knows he can grab to eat and keep his focus where it needs to be.

Let me know what fun ways you surprise your kids in their lunches!

I was provided compensation and Mini Babybel cheeses to write this post on behalf of Mini Babybel. All ideas and opinions are my own.



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