Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ Review

Our overall verdict "Perfect"

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We have all been there, wanting a smoothie but we want to make it at home and to have the same smooth texture to it as if we went to the local smoothie shop RIGHT??

For the past week or so I’ve been testing the Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ, I have had other devices like this and wasn’t sure what I could expect from this, but then again it has the Ninja name on it sooo my expectations were for sure a bit higher 🙂

I already have another Ninja product that is more of a Food Processor so smoothies was not its forte. Let me tell you this Nutri Ninja makes one smooth smoothie EVERY TIME!! I have never been able to make a smoothie at home and not have some sort of ice chunks in it. As long as you load the ingredients in the order they tell you, your end results are smooth everytime.

My first night when it showed up I didn’t have much in the house to play around with it but did end up making a tasty impromptu smoothie.

IMG_0547 IMG_0548

This was a blend of

1 Apple cut into 1 inch pieces
1 cups blueberries
1 banana cut up
1 cup pear juice
handful of ice
Pressed Ultra Blend Auto IQ since I had ice in it and it was tasty perfection 🙂

The Nutri Ninja has a 1000 watt motor which is the power behind these perfectly smooth smoothies, but the other part of the equation is taking the guesswork out of your hands on pulsing. When you use either Auto IQ setting it knows the perfect amount of time to blend as well as the perfect amount of pauses to give you the perfectly smooth smoothie.

You get a recipe book and a 3 day kick start diet guide with this to help you get started using this daily.

There is 3 different cup sizes included, 18 oz, 24 oz & 32 oz as well and 3 sip & seal lids

All recipes can be found on the Ninja Kitchen Website and these are going for $109 on Amazon right now!!

Another recipe we came up with was a Lemon Freeze


1 whole lemon, peeled and halved
2 Tbs Agave Nectar
1 Cup water
1 Cup Ice

Hit that Ultra Blend Auto IQ button and Lemony tasty freeze

We have tried a few of the recipes included, but as this is a pretty new trend for us to try and blend so many veggies or fruits together it will take some easing into for sure. The Watermelon cooler was interesting, might not add Basil to it again though. Top O the Morning was pretty tasty even though we didn’t have protein powder and substituted Organic yogurt instead. I’m still working my way to try something with ginger in it. I bought the ginger root and keep looking at it like errrr I don’t know LOL.

If you have some favorite Smoothies you like hit me up in the comments and tell me!!

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