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New Roads, New Outlooks, New Stories

Have you missed me? I hope so, that would mean that I have some loyal fans around LOL. If you originally followed me for couponing and the ...
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Much Needed Changes – Slightly Stressed

So my life has gotten sort of hectic and I took on way more tasks and obligations than I should of, or could continue handling. So on that note you ...
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Fun Lunches

How many fun ways can you think to make a fun lunch for your kiddos? My youngest is homeschooled this year but putting together a lunch for him ...
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Along came a little Duck

In our house it has always been said we have enough furry kids. My hubby, kids and myself have 2 dogs and a cat. My Mom has her dog here also, so ...
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My Weekend Grocery Shopping & Meals

This weekend I finally made it out to do some actual shopping in quite some time. The stockpile is in need of major help lol. But it felt good to ...
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