Along came a little Duck

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In our house it has always been said we have enough furry kids. My hubby, kids and myself have 2 dogs and a cat. My Mom has her dog here also, so thats right 3 dogs and a cat. Well 2 weeks ago that tune changed, 2 weeks ago god decided to put 2 little ducks lives into the hands of my 11 yr old.

He was down at our neighborhood lake playing with some friends when they had 2 very small ducklings walk up to them. They looked around for a Momma duck and no duck came running over. So of course kids being kids did what they do best and picked the 2 little guys up. Then put them down and started to walk and the ducklings followed. My son ran home to call me to tell me about what had happened while his friend sat with these babies.


After they found them and made a nest for them

After making sure the did not take them from a nest (What you see above is what the kids made them), and then having my older son confirm they were super little babies, and the final straw seeing our temps were going to drop into the 40s that night, I told them to bring them home.


Jan 6 – The first night


Jan 9 – One is growing, the other is not

The next day we got proper duck food for them and got them to start eating. After carefully looking them over we noticed they still had their egg tooth on their bills. As the next few days went along the one little one just was not thriving, was not growing as fast as the other one. It seemed sort of sickly from the time we brought them home. Sadly it only survived till Jan 11. From the pictures and videos I have gathered they were probably hatchlings that wandered from the nest. Which means that one only survived 5 days. The story continues with Nibbler though. Nibbler is a crazy little Duckling and is enjoying life.


Jan 11 – A buddy’s shoulder is always a good place to sleep

The day the one passed away Nibbler was very distraught to be in the box that night alone and needed lots of stimulation and attention till he couldn’t keep his little eyes open anymore. Each day has been easier though, we hope to maybe change this somehow in the near future since I’ve read ducks shouldn’t have to be alone. They need a companion other than humans.

Jan 12 -Oh the places we'll relax when we're a baby.

Jan 12 -Oh the places we’ll relax when we’re a baby.

The next few days lots of growing happened. The past 2 weeks have been crazy. Since we live in Florida, during the day especially is still nice enough to go outside and bring Nibbler out for some sunlight to get much needed Vitamin D, he has also learned he likes earthworms, we overturn leaves and dig in the sand and pull them out and he will run over and grab them. He’s also eaten plenty of other bugs. Pecking around in the sand also. But the cutest thing he follows myself and my youngest son everywhere. On these little trip out into the yard, the dogs are held in the back porch with their noses out of sorts because they can not understand what this fluffy thing is.

Jan 16 - Looking for bugs

Jan 16 – Looking for bugs

Nibbler's Human - The hero :D

Nibbler’s Human – The hero 😀

Water time is lots of fun also, and in the past couple days in the tub he has learned to dive and swim fast under water. That was the funniest thing to watch in crystal clear water. We stopped a bait store and bought some earthworms but they seem sort of tough I guess and Nibbler is more scared of them then interested in eating them right now. I am sure in a couple of weeks that will change.

Jan 18 - My how you change in a week.

Jan 18 – My how you change in a week.

We homeschool my youngest so someone is always home, and I think this will make for a much more unique learning experience then any puppy or kitten could do for him. He knows every day the bedding in his cage needs cleaning, and he needs fresh water since he does what ducks do best and sticks his beak in full of food into the water 😛

Everyday when I come home from work I am shocked at how much Nibbler has grown. Its a visually different daily. It is no wonder they become adult size in 12 weeks.

Jan 20 - Happy 2 week birthdya Nibbler

Jan 20 – Happy 2 week birthday Nibbler

I will continue to write posts about Nibbler’s growth and once we start it, progress on his home.

**Even though I keep mentioning Nibbler as a “he” we currently have no idea of the gender. Nibbler’s legs however feel like they are getting pretty stocky and from reading seems like it might be a good indicator Nibbler could be a boy. Only time will tell though.

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