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I am always getting asked how to get started in couponing, and I’ll say get multiple papers and always in doubles and alot of times people feel its just to much to go buy that many papers. Or if they take my advice they get frustrated after 2 weeks because the 2 weeks of inserts are not getting them going fast enough to see results.

That was me Early 2011, my friend Tammy introduced me to couponing and I started buying the papers like she told me but I had not found all the sites yet to help me find the deals and I got frustrated and quit. I felt buying the papers was such a waste because I wasn’t using the coupons.

I was working full time and was trying my hardest to figure when I was suppose to find time to clip ALL those coupons and put them in a binder and take care of my family in the 3 hrs I had each evening with them.
In May 2011 she pushed me again, she pointed me in the direction of some sites and I started reading about the deals and got addicted. I went and got my first real great haul and was astonished at how well I did.
By Thanksgiving I walked out of Publix with a $350 cart of food that I paid $70 for 🙂
And Black Friday at CVS $200 of items for $20 yes these are the moments that keep me going now 🙂
NOW this is where I come in for you, to try and help you not to have to stumble through all the sites, I want to be here for you and to help you.
If you are just trying to get started and want to be sure you start out with a great collection of coupons there is a service that I believe in whole heartedly, the people that run it are great and it will help you get going like a pro in no time.
The site is Insert Insanity and they have a deal right now that is perfect honestly for 2 families to get started.
Its called the Big Daddy Package, it includes a 10 pack of inserts from each week in August. Specifically you will receive:


August 5
(12) Red Plum 
August 12
(12) Smartsource 
(12) Red Plum 
August 19
(12) Smartsource 
(12) Red Plum 
August 26
(12) Smartsource 
(12) Red Plum 
(12) P & G 
Total inserts: 96 + a $10.00 credit to Wiz Clipz!

Now when I say this really is enough for 2 families look at this, I always say get in doubles, so split these 6 for one family and 4 for another family.
This Package is $49.99 but in the long run could save you THOUSANDS in just a few shopping trips truly.
It includes coupons for FREE Good n Natural Bars, High Dollar coupons on Wisk, LOTS of Back to School Supply coupons which for most make them pennies at Wal-Mart or even Target. There were so many good coupons in this past month these will sell out FAST.
NOW for that $10 Credit with WizClipz, that is enough to purchase (6) $1.50 – 10 packs and (1) $1.00 – 10 Pack = 70 COUPONS of your choice!!!

NOW read this section closely if you are still here 🙂

When you go to Insert Insanity click on Bonus Buys on the Left Column and the Big Daddy Package is there, there are also smaller packages if 10 of each is a bit much for you to start. TOTALLY can relate 🙂 

When you place your order and it has been approved, you will get an email with FULL INSTRUCTIONS on how to use your WizClipz Credit you must have made an account with them first though, so they have an account to credit the $10 to.

Good Luck in getting started and remember I am always a message away on the Facebook Page to help you out along the way.

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