Chewy Peanut Butter Cookie Bars

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Chewy Peanut Butter Cookie Bars


I came up with this completely by accident 🙂 But hey who can go wrong when Peanut Butter and Chocolate are involved LOL

I had purchased what I thought I remembered from another recipe, and I forgot quite a few things, then I remembered seeing somewhere that Graham Crackers in Peanut Butter makes it like the Reese’s Peanut Butter, so I combined a few things together for this tasty treat.

My kids love it, as does my hubby. Half the tray I made is already GONE!

Chewy Peanut Butter Cookie Bars
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Cuisine: Dessert
Serves: 24 bars
  • 2 Rolls Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough
  • 2 16.3 oz jars of peanut butter
  • 2 Cups Honey Graham Cracker Crumbs
  • 2 Tbs Vanilla
  • 1 12 oz bag of Mini Semi-Sweet Chocolate chips
  1. Preheat Over to 350 degrees
  2. Press Cookie Dough out flat into a 13 x 9 inch baking tray, bake for 17 mins (at about 12 mins it might help if you pull it out and shake it to get the air out. This seemed to help make the cookie a more compact base.)
  3. While the Cookie Base is baking, Mix the Peanut Butter, Graham Cracker Crumbs and Vanilla together until smooth.
  4. When the Cookie is finished, let it cool for about 5 mins, then pour the Peanut Butter Mixture over and smooth it out evenly.
  5. Pour the entire bag of Chocolate chips evenly over the top of the peanut butter and put back into the over for about 5 mins to help melt the chocolate in some. If you wish smooth out over the peanut butter or leave as pictured.
  6. Keep Refrigerated to keep firm. Refrigerate at least 3 hrs before enjoying.
This super sweet Cookie Bars will surely be a Favorite, but take small peices as they are sweet.

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